Doing Homework: How To Write

An introduction acts as a kind of road map for your essay readers. A good introduction should provide all contextual or background information a reader will need to know about your topic, as well as include a clear and concise thesis statement telling the reader exactly what you will be arguing. This article tells you exactly all you need to know about writing a great essay introduction:

  • Start by analyzing a well-written sample
  • It might help to first get a hold of some well-written essay samples to review and learn from. If you become familiar with what makes for a good introduction you will have an easier time writing one on your own. However, you cal always order help from homework writing service to get your assignments done fast. Look for samples within the same discipline and grade level to gain the maximum benefits from this exercise.

  • Write a great opening “hook” sentence
  • One of the most important elements you will see in all well-written essays is a good “hook” sentence that compels the reader to keep going. There are a number of different techniques you can try to hook the reader. You can use a quote, an anecdote, or a question. Just be sure it’s something interesting that the reader can immediately connect with.

  • Give Your Essay Some Background Context
  • You should always give your reader the right amount of background information so that he or she understands how your thesis relates to this context. Depending on the kind of assignment you can provide historical background, give information on related issues or questions, and even provide some information on similar studies.

  • Preview the Structure of Your Assignment
  • It’s common for students to write the introduction last, after they know the actual structure of their essay assignment. But if you do it before the rest of your paper you can essential preview what will be the structure and have an easier time writing the rest of the essay. Use an outline to help give you an idea of what your paper will look like and write the introduction based on this vision.

  • Craft a Unique, Catchy and Arguable Thesis
  • The thesis statement is considered the heart of your entire assignment. It is point or argument you are making. It should be specific, catchy and something that you can prove. When writing your thesis you should first try to state your main argument in simple terms. The idea is that you should be able to revise your thesis to as clear and direct a statement it can be, so that there is no confusion about what you are arguing.